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Water Tower Art

Need Gifts for your Shop?

I print and deliver from Ypsi, so If you need last minute gift ideas,

and want to keep stock low, contact Ink Dragon Designs today.

Your shop benefits from just-in-time, print-on-demand,  and just-right inventory for your store. . 

Bumble Places the Star

Remember the classic Rudolph the red nose reindeer? And who put the star on the tree? 

King Kong Protects

the water tower.

Classic TV, stop-motion, mis-understood hero, holding Ann Darrow (Vina Fay Wray).

Everything's Bigger

In Ypsi

Not everyone gets this one ... at first.

The Caped Crusader Climes the Water Tower

For those who remember the TV show, many episodes had a walking-up-the-wall scene where the heroes met someone famous. 

Spidey Swings from the Water Tower

Where else on EMU's campus can the web, slinging wonder swing from?

Optional colors for Bumble

Optional colors for Bumble

Optional Spidey color

EMU Godzilla colors

Safety Godzilla Green

Direct to Garment!

Instead of risking a large order, my retail customers only need to buy a small quantity, or display stock. They can even test a deign with their mailing list to see if there is interest. Local business get stock as they see sales - lowering their stock costs.

5x - 10x and X-Small, Customers can get specialty sizes in a few days.

Screen Printing

Popular designs, at lower cost, and higher margins. When a design is a hit, my retail customers enjoy savings by having screens ready to go for reorders. 

Screen Printing costs less for larger runs, runs as small as 30 pieces.


Offering embroidery is an effective add-on to many garments. Embroidered garments have higher perceived value. Displaying the embroidered version of an item can drive sales, even of the less expensive offering.

Having the embroidered version, gives the customer choice, yet sells more of the lower priced item. Ask me why and I'll tell you secrets of selling more in your shop.

About Ink Dragon

I run a small, garment and gift printing business. Every month I come up with unique ideas for my retail shops. Then let them use sampling programs that lower the risk to test market an item. Some products sell well for a store, and some items sell only a few per month. Either way, with on-demand printing, our retail customers never need buy huge inventory to realize savings.

Unique Products for your SHOP 

Having unique products for your customers is the key to repeat foot traffic and repeat visitors. With Ink Dragon, I aim to design products aligned to your customer's taste.

So email or call today and let Ink Dragon design products for your store.

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